Why should you add a Terp Slurper to your banger collection? 


The beauty of smoking out of a dab rig in my opinion is the complexity to it. Everyone who comes into a dab rig usually has different motives for using one. Whether you are someone who enjoys the intense flavor or someone who enjoys the quick and efficient way to get high, the Terp Slurper Banger by Kromedome delivers the best of both worlds. 


What exactly is a Terp Slurp Banger?


The name Terp Slurp Banger stems from the fact this piece is meant for you to taste the Terpenes from whatever product you use in it. The design of the piece is something truly unique. When looking at a Terp Slurp Banger you will notice the wide cylinder center, but where other bangers stop right there, this has a center hole which then builds into another cylinder. From there we move into the dish which is attached to the bottom of the second cylinder. It has 4 slits on the dish which allow for extra air flow, working to maximize the smoker’s hit. 

A Terp Slurp Banger is a banger designed to increase air flow within the bottom dish of the piece. By placing your wax on the dish, those tiny slits on the bottom push smoke through the center chamber, which then cools slightly before entering your rig. You can also drop wax or large pieces of shatter from the top of the piece too. This pushes the material down to the slits at the dish, which then spreads evenly and circulates as well. Overall you are looking at a banger that will reduce debris accumulation within your rig and help increase the flavor profile of whatever product you are smoking. 


Smoking out of this banger was a really satisfying feeling. The best way to go in detail with this product would be to share my own experience. The wax came from Illinois cannabis Company Revolution Global, who has a small batch brand known as Revolution Craft. The Strain I picked was Sun King OG, A great strain that really has a strong head high and a mellow body high. A great strain to help with anxiety and stress. I chose a live resin for this banger because of the flavor and aroma that comes from the live resin extraction method. Part of the banger’s design is to increase flavor for the smoker and live resin already has great flavor attributes. I inserted the resin into both the cylinder and dish of the banger, just to see what differences if any that I could find between the two functions. I kept my torch at a low flame, typically I like a low temp, so I heated up the banger for about 45 seconds and then let sit for about 20 seconds before I took a hit.


The first thing I noticed about this piece was the smoothness and gentle feeling on my throat. I typically lean towards dabs and anything with a water chamber for a gentler feeling on the throat. With this piece I didn’t have to worry about a burning sensation, the center cylinder really allows for air flow and doesn’t give any kick back that might make you cough or choke up a bit. When wax is applied to the dish portion it spreads evenly and into the slits, slowly moving into the second cylinder, also re-circulating and moving throughout the entire banger. A really cool Bonus that Kromedome gives with its Terp Slurper Banger are these glow in the dark pearls. When you add in wax, either in the dish or center cylinder, you cap it off and the two pearls spin in an upward direction and kind of dance while you smoke.



The second thing that struck me was the lack of residue within the piece after smoking. The current rig in my circulation is Kromedome’s Cyclone Recycler, a great piece if you are someone who hates risking a chance of backsplash. The down stem leads into the percolator, then it heads up the neck and while this is my fav piece it can be tough stuff to clean. I love that while using this banger I would not only get amazing flavor, but also get little to no residue within the piece. Which is great if you have a beautiful glass rig you don’t want to dirty up or you just hate cleaning your piece so often. The Kromedome set also includes a ball carb cap, which looks like a large marble with a center hole. The cap itself is shaped like a ball or sphere and while you are hitting the piece you can literally roll the air flow to open and close it. Air flow and lower temps really allow for this piece to bring in such little residue and the ball cap allows you to bring in that extra kick, but no matter what you will get that air flow from the bottom slits at the dish. 

My only issues with this piece is the construction from the neck to the head of the banger. Most bangers have a head decently sized towards the neck that then fits into a rig. But bangers with larger heads tend to have a small neck which could lead to stress and that could mean cracks in the future. This piece being on the larger size given that extra cylinder and dish. The other thing that does happen within this piece is related to the lack of debris within the physical dab rig. The fact the piece doesn’t shoot debris into the rig, can only mean it itself holds the debris. Which can be a great thing like I said if you have a delicate or complicated glass rig and rather not dirty it up with debris and yellowing spots. But if you are someone who cleans your bangers non-frequently, you may wanna watch out for build up and yellowing overtime.   


Overall opinion and feedback


I think that anyone who is an avid rig user or is concerned about build up and debris within a piece should invest in a Terp Slurp Banger. Not only does this banger give you the best flavor, but it reduces the amount of residue that can lodge itself in the downstem and other tricky places. I think anyone who is looking to increase flavor in their dab experience would benefit from this piece. I would say things to watch out for would be the stress aspect that could form from between the neck and head. The other thing is cleaning, I would recommend cleaning regularly to avoid yellowing and bad build up. The Kromedome Terp Slurper Banger gives you this amazing style of banger but also includes the accessories. The ball carb cap and the two glow in the dark pearls are additions to the banger that add to the experience and overall joy of this piece. I would highly recommend this to any level of smoker.

Saxon Kotowski

Saxon Kotowski

Avid smoker and graduate from the School of The Art Institute Chicago. Here to bring news and education to all the smokers out there.


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