Welcome to another addition of strain spotlight. Today’s strain in the spotlight is Cherry Pie, don’t let the name fool you though this strain ain’t like any pie you’ve ever had. This hybrid will not only offer up some unique flavors and medical uses but this strain has also been said to be one of the best introduction strains for first time smokers. Like all strain spotlights we are going to go indepth and get you the smoker or grower all the info you’ll need. This strain has a soft spot in my heart, this was the first strain I ever grew from seed to harvest. Starting with plant growth we will go over basics about the plant, how it forms and other important notes. Moving into general high we will cover the feeling most smokers associate with this strain with, then moving into the terpenes, clarifying both the taste and medical aspects of the strain. Finally arriving at the end where I’ll give my opinion. Lets dive right in and learn about cherry pie!


Plant Growth


Cherry Pie is a hybrid, it genetic parents are Durban Poison and Grandaddy Purple. While Cherry Pie is a Hybrid, THC reports show that this plant has about 20% active THC compound and leans heavily in favor of Indica. When looking at the physical plant it can be easy to see where all it’s sativa qualities go. This plant grows and acts like a sativa based plant, growing extremely tall rather than bushy. The leafs on this plant also grow long, thin and a lighter green in color. 

Grow time for this plant is on the longer side. Average seed to harvest time you are looking at about 10-12 weeks, without drying or curing. Now some growers including myself have seen results in 8-9 weeks, however with this strain giving it that extra time to flower and bud will increase not only size and harvest, but you’ll truly perfect the taste and smell of this strain by giving it that extra time.

Before we talk about smell, we have to talk about the look of this dank strain. At a glance this strain really doesn’t look to different than the others. You will see both light and dark green scattered thoughout all the dense mass that is the nug. You will also see small brown straitions throughout it as well, but where some strains have yellow, purple and blue scattered throughout the bud, this one really stays earthy and green. Which to me is such a fake out, once you taste and smell this strain.

Just like the baked confection the smell that radiates off the nug is also something out of the bakery. The overall sweetness of the strain is balanced by a piney, spicyness with just a bit of hop smell. With all that said you will get a nice mix of sweet and sour cherries that overall make this strain potent. 


General Highs 



Everyone out there has a go to strain for all sorts of different reasons. When you want to stay awake maybe you go towards something like Jack Herer or Haze. Maybe when you want something to make you more mellow or relaxed you do Kush or Nothern Lights. When it comes to Cherry Pie this needs to be your go to strain for the best nights sleep you’ve ever had. This strain delivers heavy feelings of euphoria and leave the smoker feelings heavily relaxed. On top of that expect feelings of happiness or random surges of creativity. Pit falls of this strain are limited, but the affects are definitely strong and overpowering. For most people dry mouth and dry eyes might not be a lot, but with this strain you totally will have red eyes and a thirst no amount of water can quench. With all that in mind, this strain is perfect for right before bed or for moments when you need to focus in on your creativity.





Breaking down the overall highness a little more, we have to look at the terpenes in this strain. Not only will we discover exactly what we are tasting but we will also learn more about the medical aspects. 

  • Pinene- rosemary, basil, pine trees and dill. Pinene is a crazy terpene because so many plants throughout the world contain it. This terpene gives the effect of a bronchodilator, which means the airways open, increasing blood flow, allowing more oxygen to enter the body. Also, this helps reduce anxiety and is a great anti-inflammatory.


  • Mycrene – found in hops, thyme, lemongrass and basil. This terpene has been connected to anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. People suffering from insomnia or having muscle or body pain would benefit from this strain.


  • Caryophyllene – Found in black pepper, cinnamon and oregano. This terpene offers a wealth of medical purposes. People have noted that it can help treat seizures and help reduce chlorestral. 


My Opinion


Overall I don’t think I could talk this strain up enough. While yes I do have bias with this strain, I cannot make up the facts that surround it. At a glance the growth of this plant leans towards a sativa based build, that makes growing this plant a bit easier, the canopy allows light, air and water to flow easier throughout. When you look at the general highness and terpenes this strain delivers amazing flavors and smells, plus a bonus load of medical uses. The biggest downfall with this strain is how dry your eyes and mouth get. I would say that is a minor inconvenience in the long run. My personal complaint to this strain though is how it looks. When you look at a nug of cherry pie the color just doesn’t pop, the earth tones and greens within the bud are great, both other than that nothing really catches the eye. I consider it a fake out when you then taste or smell the strain. With all that being said, this strain is a must smoke. No other strain can deliver the feelings or euphoria that comes. Everyone needs a go to strain for something in their life, make this strain the next one you go to! 


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