Welcome back every one to another strain spotlight! Today we are reviewing a strain that is very special to me. Like many of my fellow Chicagoans, I get a kick out of seeing Chicagoan stuff used in names and titles. Greenline OG by Cresco Labs is something worth talking about. Not only does this strain play on the name of a public transit rail line color, but its proprietary seeds and grow is exclusive to Crseco Labs. So unlike other Strain Spotlights, rather than looking at the growth of this plant we’ll take a look into what forms you the smoker can buy it in!

How you can smoke it

In today’s world we can buy weed many different ways. This isn’t how your grandad was smoking weed, we don’t have to find our dealer in an alley or wait for him to pick you up and drive you around the block. No today’s dealers come in my forms, some send you menus and then deliver via bike. Others work at a recreational cannabis shop and sell legally with taxes involved! The part of going to a dispensary that I love the most is the variety. No, where else can anyone get the selection that can be found within a dispensary, from carts, plant, prerolls, wax, edibles, tinctures, etc. You can literally find it all at a dispensary. Looking at Greenline OG, Cresco offers you a variety of different ways to enjoy this strain.



I love a good cartridge. You get one of the best ways to smoke and enjoy the flavor and terpenes of a strain, all while still being so discreet and inconspicuous. In Illinois almost all dispensaries sell half gram cartridges, something like Greenline OG is usually readily available. All Carts run on a 510 threading, I use my Nomad for smoking all my carts. A really great way to enjoy the strain and enjoy it on the go or whenever you just need to get a little high




Getting a pre-roll is a great time. You have all you need in one package just add fire. In my experience with Greenline OG in pre-rolls, you get 1 gram rolled up ready to smoke. Great if you want to share with a friend or smoke by yourself if you can take a big hit. I will say that it’s nice to pull out one of these bad boys and be ready to go! 


An Eighth:


This to me is second behind the cartridge. A pre-roll is great an all, but you only get so much of it. You burn through it pretty fast, but with an eighth you have the ability to smoke a bowl, or maybe roll a joint or blunt. Regardless, you have a little extra bit of weed to use for whatever your heart desires. The packaging for it too is a beautiful glass jar and wow it all together is a great presentation.  

General Highs   

  I love the high on this strain. When you smoke what is the usual consensus, the hit is fast, comes up on you, doesn’t creep? But with Greenline OG, forget that! This slow burner will hit you just when you think it won’t and honestly that is one of the most satisfying things to feel. Overall the flavor is fruity and bubblegum like, very sweet flavors and aromas. Something that I love too is within that creep of flavor, and high you get this incredible overall body high and sensation. I feel with this strain the consequences or negatives are so low that I truly cannot find any. When smoking this strain I don’t feel negatives like dry mouth or eyes, my munchies are low, and paranoia just never seem to creep in and what you get left with is a high that is euphoric and sensational. 



Terpenes as always are my favorite thing to talk about and look at, when discussing weed. I love weed, so understanding it or learning about it are huge, giving you the smoker the power in understanding how the strain will hit or affect your body.  The two active terpenes in this strain offer a great taste as well as benefits! 

  • Caryophyllene – Found in black pepper, cinnamon and oregano. This terpene offers a wealth of medical purposes. People have noted that it can help treat seizures and help reduce cholesterol. 
  • Caryophyllene – found in black peppers, cloves and cinnamon. This terpene gives a bit of spicy taste when you are smoking. This terpene creates an euphoric sensation, which studies have shown this plays a role in the bodies’ ability to protect itself and the mind, possibly even slowing the progression of diseases like Alzheimer’s. 


Really amazing terpenes, both for flavors and health benefits, mixed with the slow creep of the high. Something else that I love about Terpenes is that these can be found throughout the various amounts of fruit. 


My Opinion

I have nothing negative to say about this strain. In that though I do not think this strain is without flaw. As both a grower and a smoker, I see both worlds and enjoy them equally. But while the smoking aspects of Greenline OG are just extraordinary and other worldly, the growing side is kinda crap. You can find this strain exclusively in dispensaries, at least in the Illinois area, but as for trying to grow this strain, you aren’t getting far. As for the current moment Cresco labs has made this a proprietary strain for the brand, it has yet to reach market or the growers circles around the country and community. But that is the small view, the bigger view is that dispensaries around Illinois have a strain in at least 3 different varieties that offers big hits and great body highs. Looking at the terpenes we see health benefits that range from lowering cholesterol and helping to work against Alzheimer’s. When you get this strain you are looking at something that comes up slow but hits hard, gives the smoker such euphoric but also medical and pain relieving powers and abilities. I highly recommend this strain to anyone who is in Illinois chasing that next high! 

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