Kromedome’s Nomad is a device like no other. Dedicated to satisfying users’ consumption needs, its 4-in-1 functions ensure versatility across all possible situations. For those unsure on how they’ll need a hit, the ALL-IN-ONE Kromedome Nomad serves as a cartridge battery, cartridge to rig, portable E-nail, and nectar collector––and is likely the only concentrate product you’ll ever need to purchase. 

With the purchase of the Kromedome Nomad, there are a variety of accessories that offer different functions to the user. These include a cartridge battery, cartridge to rig, portable E-nail, and electronic nectar collector, alongside a padded carrying case, o-rings, dabber, cap, and q-tips.

Whether a person dabs for medicinal or recreational benefits, dabbing with concentrated extracts results in faster, ‘cleaner’, and more intense effects. If someone seeks quick (CBD) relief, Kromedome Nomad has got them covered. With Kromedome’s Nomad being adaptable to all situation, users are able to feel the benefits of CBD anytime, anywhere (almost). If instant pain, stress, nausea, or insomnia relief is what they’re seeking, dabbing with the KromeDome Nomad is the way to go.

Using the Cartridge to rig feature

Smokers can use Kromedome’s Nomad for smoking concentrates and oils. Alongside an oil rig, it’s well-designed for vaporizing desired substances. To use the cartridge to rig feature, fit the small black rubber fitting to the bottom of the Nomad battery, then place the plastic piece on top of the fitting. Once that’s in place, add the quartz tip on the other end. Insert the end of the cartridge with the plastic piece inside the rig. On the opposite end of the battery, insert the cartridge. Then, turn on the battery by pressing the button 5 times. Once the battery’s on, hold down the button, and give it a rip!


Using the Nomad Vape

Smokers who vape inhale the vapours of their product of choice using electronic cigarettes or other similar vaping devices. The Nomad’s vape feature is easily set up: first, screw on the cartridge and the mouthpiece onto the battery. Then, turn the battery on by clicking the button 5 times, and let the product heat up. Once that happens––and it happens quickly––users can start vaping. It’s as simple as that.

Using the Portable E-nail

E-nails were created for dabbing-on-the-go. They’re typically rechargeable and (as is the case with the Kromedome Nomad), portable. To use the Kromedome Nomad as a portable E-nail, place the battery on the rip, unscrew the top cap, and drop the concentrate in at the top. Once the material’s in, hold down the button, let it heat up, put the cap back on the battery. Just like that, our users are easily set with our portable E-nail.



Using the Nectar Collector

Nectar collectors are designed to vaporize concentrates. Unlike other products for smoking concentrates, nectar collectors focus on heating up the tip of the smoking device––which is then rubbed against the concentrate to vaporize it. To set up the Nectar Collector, screw on the rubber fitting to the bottom of the Nomad battery, then put on the mouthpiece. On the other end, add the quartz tip and remove the cover of the quartz tip once it’s in place. Once your battery is turned on, hold down the main button, place it on your product of choice, and enjoy!

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