Looking for the perfect banger? 

There is no one perfect choice, different bangers provide different experiences. Some people find they have a strong preference for one type or style of banger, while others prefer to experiment. 

One key point to know about bangers is the material they are made from matters. Sure, you can find bangers made from titanium or glass, but for an amazing dabbing experience, try quartz. 

Why Choose Quartz Bangers

A quartz banger allows you to enjoy the pure flavor of cannabis. Materials such as titanium can leach a metallic taste into your concentrate, having a negative effect on the flavor. One reason many people choose cannabis concentrates is the ability to enjoy the stronger flavor profile they provide. Don’t mess that up by using a banger that sullies the taste. 

Which Quartz Banger to Choose

Once you decide you want to go with a quartz product, you still have more choices to make. Different quartz bangers offer different experiences. Understanding a little about each one helps you make a smart choice. 

Terp Slurper

The Terp Slurper makes it easy to enjoy every drop of extract. What doesn’t get smoked settles into the bottom of the banger while still warm. This makes it easy to capture and reuse without creating a mess. 

Use the Terp Slurper for waxes and oils. It fits most common sizes, is economical, heats quickly, and has a wide, deep dish. For those who want to get every drop of enjoyment from their extract, the Terp Slurper is a great choice. 

The Thermal

Affordable and easy to use, the Thermal is a solid choice. It may not be fancy, but it doesn’t need to be. It provides a smooth smoking experience, heats up fast, and holds heat for a longer period than many other options. 

Using a thermal banger provides another benefit. Because the banger allows for dabbing at lower temperatures, the terpenes are preserved, giving you a richer dabbing experience. 

Opaque Bottom

An opaque bottom allows this banger to heat up more quickly than a clear banger. The advantage of this is not only less wait time but less fuel use. By having a shorter heating time, there is less stress applied to the banger as well. While quartz is tougher than many options, such as glass, it can still crack. Less heat stress = longer life.


opaque bottom quartz banger heat time


Round Bottom

The Round Bottom may be the most attractive banger you’ve seen recently, but that isn’t its only benefit. The shape, while aesthetic, is also functional. The round bottom prevents splashes, even in undersized rigs. The round shape also makes it easy to enjoy every drop, as there are no corners to allow build-up to accumulate.


round bottom banger


Which Quartz Banger is Right for You?

It depends on what you are looking for. Making your purchase from a company that offers a wide selection of quartz bangers to choose from, from the latest on-trend products to more functional, no-frills varieties, ensures you get the product that works best with the shatter or wax you prefer.


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