Kromedome Dart 3.0


The Dart 3.0 electronic nectar collector is a fan favorite. Our customers love the durability and functionality of this product. The device uses a quartz tip and detachable bubbler mouthpiece.  The battery life is 6-8 hrs with consistent use. The pelican case is great for outdoor adventures like hiking, snowboarding, fishing, or wherever you love dabbing on your adventures! The kit includes a secondary heating tip and cleaning brush and charging cable
 All our electronics come with a 2-year manufacturers warranty

What’s Included

  • Electronic Nectar Collector
  • Pelican Case
  • Spill-Proof Mouthpiece
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Quartz Tip

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dylan Shaffer
Outstanding product!

I won this device through a giveaway on Kromedome’s Instagram. When it arrived I forgot I had been a winner for this very particular piece. I opened up the package that displayed my name and address and when I seen the case that contained the Kromedome Dart I was immediately shocked. Once I assembled and turned on the device it was ready to use. I used it one time and fell in love. It works better than all other nectar collectors I have used in the past plus it was way cheaper than competitors. I will never switch back to any other company. Overall very satisfied with quality satisfaction price and fast delivery.

Alan Davis
Nice working rig

Nice working rig but it's bulky. Would like to see a slim version one day

Matt Jackson
Wil they work for the nomad

Experiment time, if they’re 510, I don’t see why not, same exact concept, plus by reading the reviews it sounds like you’re having the same trouble I am now, I wonder how many of these things are actually interchangeable and work better even on other pens, now the whole vape ban, what all will it affect?

Nick Tyler McDonald

Man this dart is sweet ...big rips very little cleaning (after I figured out how).. and the battery is great last like 2 to 3 hours constantly using ...high five to kromedome

Jessica H

Love this thing! Perfect for travel

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