Kromedome aims to make high-quality products accessible for people seeking straightforward and innovative ways to consume concentrate. Understanding the stigma around concentrates and torch use, we provide options that streamline the process and challenge existing dogmas. Every product is designed with you in mind, ensuring a premium experience every time.

Charity Efforts

When you buy our products, 10% of proceeds will go towards the American Cancer Society. We are happy to support a cause that dedicates so much energy and effort towards reducing both the physical and mental burden of cancer in our society. With these funds, the American Cancer Society conducts research, shares prevention tactics, and supports millions of cancer patients across the country.

About Us

Back in 2017, Kromedome was founded by Ahmed Siyaji in Chicago, Illinois with a mission of providing high quality glass for anyone interested in a more elevated concentrate consuming experience. Our flagship product was our Enail, which went through multiple revisions and upgrades to keep up with market trends and consumer expectations. We constantly conduct research to ensure we are delivering dabbing products that align with the latest trends and interests. Our latest Dart 2.0 Electronic Nectar Collector is a fan-favorite with everyone raving about its sleek design and superior functionality! In lieu of recent demands, we have added a wide assortment of quartz bangers to customize your rig setup.