Kromedome started as a way to bring simply, easy to use and affordable electronic options for concentrate consumption. We wanted a way to provide everyone with options that would help eliminate the stigma around concentrate use by removing the torch and streamlining the process. We want you to join our Revolution and help change how we think about Concentrates. Making the smoothest high-quality vaporizers since 2015

About Us

Kromedome was founded in 2017 in Chicago Illinois by Ahmed Siyaji. Kromedome was started with the  intention of providing consumers high quality glass for affordable pricing! Our flagship product was our Enail, which we constantly upgrade to keep up with the market trends. We aim to deliver the latest trending dabbing products that cater to all consumers. our latest Dart 2.0 electronic nectar collector is a fan favorite with its portable and sleek design and great functionality! We have also added a vast variety of quartz bangers to customize your rig setup!

Why Kromedome?

Easy to Use: Kromedome electronics provide simple and effective solutions to concentrate use. Many pieces using point and click technology for consumption allowing for discerning, quick use.

Low Profile: Kromedome glass and electronics are all about keeping it simple and out of sight. Our glass is sleek and stylish allowing it to blend into your home or apartment and keep it stylish. While our electronics are made to keep prying eyes off of you as you enjoy concentrates anytime, anywhere. With sleek and compact designs our solutions will help you in almost any situation.

Efficient: Kromedome is all about efficiency when using our products. We try and eliminate all waste possible. Its why we decided to go electronic. Using electronic nectar collectors, enails and things like it provide you with clean burns and little waste. Keeping at a constant temp allow you to burn through ALL of your concentrate and not just whatever it can until it cools off.