The Nomad


The Kromedome Nomad is a product like no other! This revolutionary device lives up to its name by offering some of the most versatile features on the market which include

  • Cartridge battery
  • Cartridge to rig
  • Portable Enail
  • Electronic Nectar Collector

Key Features:

  • Auto heating 
  • Portable size
  • USB charging cable 
  • Ceramic coil
  • Self-cleaning coil
  • Easy to take apart and clean
  • Spill-proof mouthpiece

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Customer Reviews

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Janet mazarov
The nomad!!

I love this thing, it works as a necror collector, a e-nail, and a concentrates vape plus u can screw on carts on one device it's awesome except when it gets extremely hot, it can burn your lips so becarefull...but there are s couple Ed of attachments that come with it!!!

Great Little Device

Ordered one of these when I saw the sale on the kromedome site. For 77 dollars after shipping it has been awesome. I mainly use it for the enail feature with my bong and it works perfect for this. As long as it holds up it will certainly have my recommendation for anyone looking for a cheap multipurpose and portable enail. It is also great for the cart feature but id recommend this for the enail alone. Like another reviewer the charging port is a little finicky to get the plug inserted but I am just being very careful to not damage it whenever I charge it. If you are like me and enjoy taking large dabs it works better than I expected, Im very satisfied with my purchase with the only caveat being the large dabs means it needs cleaned fairly often.

Great for travel

Highly recommend for the constant consumer of the MariGuana. Easy to use and perfect for travel. The various options on the go make it a lot easier to smoke anywhere.


The Nomad is awesome!! only 2 possible issues and neither are a deal breaker, one my charging port is a little funky kinda tricky to get plug inserted but that's probably limited to this one unit,second is the air flow its a little tight due to all bends the air has to take and the tiny orifices being drawn through, but it hits good and all the functions work great i use it mostly for Enail function the convenience and portability is great. I contacted Kromdome right away about the charging port they got back me almost immediately and said there is a one year warranty on the nomad and if any thing happens to contact them and they would replace the unit cant get better than that!! I would absolutely recommend if your looking for an affordable portable multi function device

Yuri Shramenko
Works Perfectly, Great Value

It all works great, better than expected actually. Closest issue is that the highest heat setting is a bit too strong, but the lowest is perfect for me.
The enail component is worth the price alone.