Thermal Banger

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Thermal Banger:

The Kromedome Thermal bangers allow both great temperature control and convection as a natural progression into healthier consumption. It allows you to know the temperature without the use of extra tools and enjoy a double walled banger that allows for a more gentle heating process.

The color-shifting crystals change from light to dark as the banger heats up. When the banger turns from bright yellow to a deep reddish-orange, you’ll know the banger is very hot. 

Thermal bangers are an upgrade from the standard style banger. The quartz thermal bangers will retain heat longer as they have more mass, and the more mass the longer heat is retained.

What’s included:

Thermal sand banger
Glow in the dark terp pearls
Quartz carb cap

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How to use:

Step 1: Use your torch to heat the Thermal Sand quartz banger until it starts to glow red or orange (around 20-60 seconds, depending on your torch)

Step 2: Use your dab tool to grab some concentrate

Step 3: Take your carb cap now and place it on your banger and inhale

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14mm Male, 10mm Male

Customer Reviews

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Quality bangers order the thermal the round bottom and blender banger they are great quality I asked for extra padding to add to my box to keep em safe and they did! Packed nice and had no issues

Blaize Teague
Terrible return services

I had gotten the wrong bangers, and decided i wanted to return the items and get a refund if possible. I went to UPS and shipped both bangers with everything together exactly how i received, and the bangers unused. When UPS tried to deliver the package to the Kromedome address listed on the original packaging I received, they were constantly told that Kromedome was closed. Due to that inconvenience, I’ve had to pay for a product i can’t use

Kevin Weinstein


Allen H.

One of my favorite kind of bangers, the cap makes it even better