Opaque Bottom Banger

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Opaque Bottom:

The Kromedome Opaque-bottom bucket nails get hotter than clear quartz bangers under the same amount of heat, meaning that they take less time to get to the red-hot point that many dab aficionados prefer their nail be torched to. This might not seem like much other than cutting down the initial wait time to get the banger hot, but in reality, you’re also saving torch fuel as well as lessening heat stress on the banger.

What’s included:

Glow in the dark terp pearls
Quartz Carb Cap
Opaque Banger


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How to use:

Step 1: Use your torch to heat the Opaque quartz banger until it starts to glow red or orange (around 20-60 seconds, depending on your torch)

Step 2: Use your dab tool to grab some concentrate

Step 3: Take your carb cap now and place it on your banger and inhale

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10mm Male, 14mm Male

Customer Reviews

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james justh
Did not last as ibwould wanted it to

Got to hot 🔥

Takes high temp!!

It’s ya boy Maui Mike from the north side of Chicago!! And I just wanna say amazing! I put this banger to work y’all. Lol. The carb cap sends those terp pearls spinning like crazy which means it sits flush right on top of the banger. FLOW, LOCKED, IN! I also always like to test a “new name” product when I get them out the smokeshops with a high temp blast with my torch, to see if it can survive my kinda lifestyle I live. (Imma daily dabber yall)And it did, no sounds of cracks, no bubbles in the glass, no nothing that I could find to say I hate this banger. So bravo to all you guys AND gals at Kromedome, I effin love it! #CHICAGO’SHOOKAHCBD
Where I got it locally!

ana franco

As one of my favorite glass makers, I’d like to say that I am really amazed with the new updates on the website, new mini rigs and these blogs; amazing. This is what it’s all about. Good vibes, positivity. I love it. I’m loving all of it. I’m personally a huge fanatic as I’ve owned a bunch of pieces from Kromedome. I love how thick the glass is at a going rate that is so affordable! And now that these mini rigs came out, I’ve been trying to collect all of them as well! From the very first mini rig I got, I was very impressed at how thick the glass is on such a small piece, and how they even have amazing percs and such! Amazing airflow. Smooth hits every time! It’s a must purchase. Don’t miss out guys.