Round Bottom Banger


Round Bottom Banger:

The Kromedome Round Bottom banger features a unique design that has many benefits. Due to the round bottom of the banger, it gets rid of build-up, which makes cleaning faster and easier. Furthermore, it also will last longer than traditional bangers.

What’s included:

Quartz Round Bottom Banger
Glow in the dark terp pearls
Quartz carb cap

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How to use:

Step 1: Place The Quartz Banger In Your Dab Rig/Oil Rig

Step 2: Heat Your Quartz Banger Evenly With A Butane Torch

Step 3: Put Your Cannabis Concentrates In The Banger

Step 4: Use A Dabber To Stir Your Concentrates

Step 5: Use A Carb Cap

Step 6: Enjoy your concentrate

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10 mm male, 14mm male

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Joshua Bernier

All 4 bangers I ordered I received and they were all broken. Have been trying to contact the company ever since in multiple ways and cannot get through to someone or get a called back after many messages.